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Welcome to, which presents a selection of my bird photographs--for your enjoyment, and to explore the many ways birds can be experienced visually.

The Galleries display bird images. From there, go to Recent Postings for links to specific trips and other pages.   The  Resources page has information on persons and organizations  that have provided us with help and inspiration.   On the Prints page, you will find information on ordering. We have a great many more images beyond those here;  please contact us, and we can tell you more about what's available.

The Activities page gives information on upcoming and recent events. My next exhibition, "Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands" in Amherst, Mass., is in August 2012.  In the past two years I've given a number of presentations on the Galapagos, and   I've posted a page of  Galapagos images.

In February 2010 I joined a site called's a kind of blog with photos which I take each day (and only that day--designed for obsessive photographers like me); let me know if you like it!  I have now posted over two years of daily images without a break!

Photographs John Van de Graaff

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